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Splendour 2019, a one day event that takes place from 11:30am – 10:30pm Saturday 20th July 2019, at Wollaton Hall, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8 1BT.The licensed capacity is – 24,000 people.

We plan to have around 18/20 food concessions, and around 25 Non Food Concessions.

If you would like to apply for a pitch / pitches, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully, agree to them, and complete the application.

If you want to apply for multiple stalls, complete an application for each stall separately.

Caterers, please put in a bid / tender for your pitch using the online application. (optional)
This will be taken into consideration when allocating pitches, we will also work out pitch prices separately based what is being sold; where the stall is sited; services required and in some cases the size of the pitch.

Please note, we are NOT taking applications from alcohol suppliers other than the ones that traded last year.

If you have any queries, please contact me on Toby@eventtradermanagement.co.uk   (please put SPLENDOUR 2019 as the title) and I’ll be pleased to help, otherwise we look forward to receiving your application.

Best Wishes,


Splendour 2019
Event Trader Management.

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Terms and Conditions for Market and Food Traders

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully.  They will apply to all traders who are invited and accept to trade at Splendour Festival 2019


1.01     The terms ‘you’, ‘yours ’and ‘trader’ refers to the person on the application form.

1.02     The terms Splendour Festival 2019 / DHP Family Ltd and ‘we’ refer to the festival organisers.

1.03    The term ‘market trader’  refers to one who sells  items,  goods  or services  that do not involve the   preparation or handling of food or drink.

1.04     The term ‘food trader’ refers to one who sells food or drink.


2.01     Payment for the pitch, including any charges for power and other extras, must be paid in full by bank transfer to DHP Family Ltd, by 14 days of invoice date.
If payment is not received on time, the pitch will be offered to another trader.

2.02      All traders are required to pay a litter bond. A litter bond cheque made payable to DHP Family Ltd must be received by 14 days of offer / invoice. This cheque will not be banked and will be returned or destroyed within 14 days of the festival provided the pitch is left tidy and in good order. Please ensure that you see your Market manager before departing from site.  If your pitch is not signed off by the market manager as having been left tidy and in good order we reserve the right to retain the bond.  Any disputes will be settled within 30 days.


3.01     Traders are obliged to have public liability insurance to a minimum value of £5,000,000 to cover any hazard or loss that may occur at the festival.

3.02     All employees must be covered by employer’s compulsory liability insurance for no less than £5.000,000.

3.03     Traders must also be covered by product liability insurance for no less than £5,000,000.


4.01     By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that DHP Family Ltd and/or their employees are not responsible or liable for:

  • any financial losses incurred by you;
  • any loss of or damage to your equipment, goods or personal belongings;
  • any injury to employees or staff working for or connected to you.

We recommend that you insure your property against any form of damage.

Traders need to ensure their stall is sturdy enough to withstand adverse weather conditions and is secure.

On Site

5.01     There are a limited number of passes available for your staff. You will be informed of this number in your confirmation letter.

5.02     Traders are responsible for the actions and behaviour of their staff. Should the organisers deem any trader’s staff’s behaviour as inappropriate, illegal, foul, criminally damaging to property or offensive, that person will be removed from site and your trade stall may be prohibited from trading at DHP Family Ltd events in the future.

5.03     Traders may not sub-contract any part of their stall without clear written permission. To do so may mean you will be asked to cease trading and may be prohibited from trading at DHP Family Ltd events in future.

5.04     Access to the site is from:

Caterers: 09.30 – 17.30 – Thursday to Friday prior to the event day

General Traders (non food): 10.30 – 18.00 Friday prior to the event day

Event day (non food only) 07.00 to 10.00am Saturday 20th July

unless granted clear written permission to arrive at a different time.

5.06   Food inspectors will be making their rounds to inspect your stalls. After inspection, food traders will be awarded one of the following:

  • A green card indicating the stall has passed inspection and can now trade.
  • A yellow card indicating that you may trade but need to improve some aspect of your stall.
  • A red card, indicating that the stall may not open until significant improvements are made.

 Red, green or yellow inspection cards must be clearly displayed within the food stall at all times.

5.07     Set up

To be completed by 10.30am Saturday 20th July

Public trading hours:

  • 11:30am – 10:30pm
  • It is a condition of the license that venue must be cleared of the public by 11pm.

5.09    All traders are allowed one vehicle only (in addition to any serving unit) to remain static on site behind their stall. Vehicles are subject to a vehicle curfew and not permitted to move during the hours the public are on site

Please ensure that you have booked a large enough pitch to accommodate this vehicle.  It will not be allowed to move until event take-down

All other vehicles must be removed from public areas by 10.30am Saturday and not return until at least ½ hour after the event has finished or the all clear has been given by Event Control.

All traders must be clear of site by midday on Sunday unless granted clear written permission

5.11    Vehicles must move at a maximum speed of 5mph on site.

5.12    Splendour operates a HAZOFF procedure. Do not use your hazard lights but do use turning signals to indicate your direction.

In the event of adverse weather conditions there may be a ban on vehicle movement until the ground is made safe.

5.13    Trader vehicles breaking these safety rules may be fined or in extreme cases, asked to cease trading and leave.

5.14     Any traders needing to leave the site to restock any goods must transport the supplies on foot between the traders car park and the trade stall.

5.15    You are offered your pitch on the strength of the products and tariffs listed on your application form and as detailed in the confirmation letter. The product list and tariff should be an accurate representation of what you intend to sell. In some instances, traders may be asked not to sell certain items to avoid clashes with other traders.

If the organisers discover that you are selling products or charging tariffs not listed we will ask you to withdraw the items or return to the agreed tariff. If you refuse, we reserve the right to enforce closure of your trading operation.

5.16     We request that you use free-range eggs and Fair-Trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate on site. Please do not offer sauces in individual sachets. ALL Disposables must be eco-friendly.

5.17     All food traders can sell bottled water and pre- packed soft drinks. All cans must be opened at point of sale, the price will need to match the bar prices, prices to follow.

5.18     No trader is allowed sell alcohol. Alcohol rights are exclusively through DHP Family Ltd bars. Any trader found selling alcohol will be closed-down and may not be invited back to future events.

5.19     Traders are not allowed to bring animals or pets onto site. Any animals or pets found will need to be removed at the owner’s expense.

5.20     Traders are not permitted to play amplified music. PA systems are not permitted (other than a small radio or cd player for their own use.).

5.21     Traders are required to keep the area 10 meters in front of their stall and the entire pitch tidy and free of rubbish. You must ensure that all waste generated by your stall is placed in the appropriate bins provided. Please notify us of any unusual requirements.

5.22     Care should be taken not to cause any damage or changes to the site or to any of the fittings, equipment or any other property belonging to the site, to DHP Family Ltd or any of our contractors. You will be required to pay for any damage you cause, including accidental damage. This cost may include transportation and labour costs incurred.

5.21      Traders must ensure that their pitch has been left tidy and in good order. A designated member of the trader’s team must inspect your pitch and deem it so before you leave the site. Any cost for cleaning / tidying your pitch will be charged to you from your litter bond.

Fire Safety / Gas / Electricity / Water

6.01     All traders must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations. DHP Family Ltd / Health and Safety inspectors will be carrying out random checks throughout the festival.

6.02     Camping is not allowed within the concert arena.

Limited Trader camping can be accommodated in a designated area within Wollaton Park. This is outside the Concert arena and we do not accept liability for Tents or contents. We would need to be contacted with requirements well in advance, so we can see if they can be accommodated.

6.03     Traders are required to provide adequate fire-fighting equipment and training in its use. All portable fire extinguishers shall be examined at least once annually and tested by a competent person in accordance with British Standard code of Practice 5306; part 3. Please see www.fireservice.co.uk for information on extinguisher types.

Nottinghamshire Fire Service will be on site checking firefighting equipment.

6.04     Traders must supply a completed fire risk assessment.

6.05     Only one spare cylinder of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) may be kept at your stall at any time.

If you wish to store additional LPG cylinders, please liaise with the market manager in advance.

6.07     Gas appliances must comply with relevant HSE regulations and must have undergone a Gas Safe check within the 12 months prior to the festival.

Food traders must ensure that the Gas Safe registered engineer inspecting your appliances is qualified to check LPG and catering units.  We suggest you check on the Gas Safe Register website (www.gassaferegister.co.uk)

Should there not be sufficient safety checks on your gas equipment, a registered engineer will be called to verify your equipment.   

You will be liable for the cost on any on-site testing.

6.08     Electricity requirements need to be detailed on the application form. There will be a charge for power.   Additional charges will be levied on site should your requirements exceed what you have applied for.

Each catering unit can be provided with an electrical supply;

This will be recharged to each concession and the cost will depend on the power required.

Service Fee - £60 per 16amp supply + VAT (e.g. 32amp = £120+VAT) 

Traders need to supply their own suitably rated cables and connectors running from their stall. 

6.09     Electrical equipment and appliances must comply with relevant HSE regulations and must have undergone a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) safety check within the 12 months prior to the festival unless the item is under 12 months old, in which case a purchase receipt for that item will suffice. A qualified electrical engineer must carry out the safety check. Each appliance requires a PAT certificate.

When on site, should there be insufficient testing certificates for your electrical equipment; a registered engineer will be called to verify your equipment. You will be liable for the cost of any on site testing.

6.10     The pitch fee includes access to a supply of clean water. This will be in the form of a standpipe and tap to be shared with other traders. Traders are not permitted to have a direct feed from the communal tap.

6.11     Clear, legible, valid copies of your:

Gas Safe Inspection Certificates

PAT inspection certificates

Insurance certificate(s)

Must be uploaded prior to the event on a link that will be supplied by us on confirmation of your application.  All documents must be valid for the dates of Splendour Festival 2019.
No applications will be fully confirmed without relevant documents.

Food Hygiene

7.01     Food traders must comply with The General Food Regulations 2004, The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013, and Regulations (EC) 178/2002 and 852/2004

7.02     Food traders must bring to site and use suitable hand washing facilities.

We will NOT accept water from a tea urn poured into a bowl as “hand washing facilities”. Those who come onto site without appropriate hand washing facilities will be closed down and their fee will not be refunded.

7.03     Food traders are required to provide details of the local authority where they are registered and their current Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score. Confirmation of the trading name of the business, as it appears on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme site, must be stated on the booking form.  No food trade pitch will be fully confirmed without registration details.

7.04     Waste water must be disposed of in the grey-water bins (IBCs/Tuff tanks) or the site main drainage points as provided by the festival. It must not be poured onto the ground. The digging of sumps and soak-aways is prohibited.

Prohibited Items

8.01     Traders are not allowed to supply for purchase or gift, alcohol in any form whatsoever i.e. brandy-coffees without prior permission in writing.

8.02     Other prohibited items include:

  • weapons, anything that can be interpreted as a weapon including replica and toy guns
  • explosives of any sort
  • herbal highs
  • tobacco products
  • glass objects or anything contained in glass
  • tin foil barbecues or charcoal
  • sky lanterns
  • Goods of an obscene, pornographic or dangerous nature
  • Any animals, including fish, birds or reptiles
  • Animal fur or items made from animal fur
  • Silly string or similar products
  • Pay day loan companies
  • Mini motos
  • Character reading and fortune telling shall not take place

Any trader found offering prohibited items will have the items removed, asked to cease trading or to leave and may be prohibited from trading at DHP Family Ltd events in future years.

Traders may not offer:

  • Phone charging at their stall unless agreed in writing.
  • Cashback

8.04     NO plastic or polystyrene disposables are allowed on site.  Food traders are obliged to use non-plasticised paper plates and cups and wooden cutlery only.

8.05     Individual sachets of sauces are not permitted.

8.06  Traders shall ensure any goods sold comply with Trademarks (Counterfeit items), Trade Licensing Agreements, Cosmetic Product Regulations , Toy Safety Regulations and meet  all Safety Regulations and EU and BSI safety standards

  • Toy Labelling – The traceability of toys and consumer goods is a key part of the safety regime to protect the public from harm. An appropriate label must have sufficient information to trace the supply chain; a postcode in isolation is likely to breach the Regulations. 
  • Trading Standards Officers regularly attend Events in Nottingham and under their powers, will be requesting documentation to demonstrate the supply chain. Traders should bring documents containing sufficient business details to identify each supplier of the products they are supplying


9.01       DHP Family Ltd reserves the right to remove any trader from the festival site who does not comply with the obligations outlined within this document.

9.02       You will not be permitted to operate your stall if you do not satisfy the licensing requirements of the local authority. DHP Family Ltd and their designated employees cannot accept any responsibility or liability if this situation occurs.

9.03       You agree to abide by the above clauses of 1.0 – 10.3 and indemnify and DHP Family Ltd and their employees against any claim, loss or liability arising from a breach of the above clauses / regulations.

Thank you for taking the time to read this through.

If you have any queries concerning any of the Terms and Conditions, please email me on Toby@eventtradermanagement.co.uk with the subject ‘SPLENDOUR 2019’.

We recommend you save this document (copy/paste) and refer to it again in your planning as it contains important information that will help make everyone’s festival run smoothly and problem-free. It will also be sent out with any offers.


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